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One Explosive Epiphany

Everyone has the occasional epiphany throughout their lifetime; whether or not they act on their insight is a completely different story.  Mine came to me several years ago while I was enjoying my scheduled 10am dump at work.  I had been taking the same poo break at 10am in the same stall every day for almost a year.  Talk about digestive regularity at its finest!  That morning my stall was taken, so I chose the next available one and proceeded with my duties – multitasking with a text and dump at the same time.  I became aware of something inscribed in the stall door in front of me.  It was the crudely drawn outline of a naked woman with gigantic breasts and an even worse, a poorly drawn penis.

And that’s when it hit me (not the penis, the epiphany).  It wasn’t necessarily the drawing itself, but the fact that the drawing existed in the first place.  I work in an office made up almost entirely of MBA or PhD graduates – the most educated of society.  In the secret seclusion of the bathroom stall, a coworker had found within them the childish necessity to scribble out some nudity on the wall.  Why?  Did he tell coworkers about it or was it completely secret?  What else happened in the confined walls of the public bathroom that wasn’t discussed?  Soon I was finding hundreds of fascinating questions (and answers!) about bathroom culture.  How come these conversations weren’t part of my normal conversation with other people?  Because outside of those walls there is a barrier, an unspoken law that says personal potty talk can never be civilized and is not for educated adults like myself.  I realized that I couldn’t disagree more.

So in order to act on my insight, I have decided to create this blog:  HeShatSheShat.  It’s a place where five educated adults, both male and female, will discuss their insights, thoughts, feelings and questions about the bathroom.  Because of the stigma behind the subject, we will be writing under pen names.  Some of us are interested in poo while others may focus on the culture of the public restroom – but in the end it will revolve completely around our bodily functions and the stigma that comes with it.  I have recruited four other educated individuals from around the country to participate and give their own unique perspective.  We have a physician, a social worker, two business professionals and an entrepreneur.  All are adults, all are college educated, and many have families and children.

Now there is a place where you can laugh and learn about the taboo subject that is our butts, balls and bodies without extremely foul language and smut.  Follow us and share us with others you know that will glory in this creation.

  1. June 1, 2011 at 7:55 am

    brilliant idea!

    • June 1, 2011 at 3:55 pm

      We appreciate the feedback! Just getting started but we have a solid crew to crap out hilarious and thought provoking posts for a long time ahead. I’ll have to spend some time on your site as well.

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