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This Just Dumped! Bentley Endorses He Shat, She Shat on Bachelorette

I can’t believe this is all happening so quickly!  Here we are, just starting this blog without much more than a few introductions when suddenly we are getting endorsements on the Bachelorette by none other than freshly minted douche bag Bentley Williams!  What an honor!

Okay, maybe he didn’t mention He Shat, She Shat directly…but he did support our cause.  Amidst your attempts to punch Bentley through the television last night you may have missed when he said the following phrase:  “I’ve just got to go poop this out.”  That’s right, Bentley used the word “poop” in a sophisticated and intelligent way that breaks down walls between poop and daily conversation.  The phrase was in reference to needing to go and break the heart of Bachelorette Ashley Hebert.  It insinuates that the need to confront Ashley was a nagging sensation at the colon of his heart, a discomfort that could only be lightened by getting the job done.  And get the job done he did – he shat all over Ashley’s parade and turned that episode into the Debbie Downer of the century.  Way to go A-hole.

Regardless, what a fantastic season for kicking off this blog and I hope to see its influence all the way up to the ranks of many more semi-famous, momentary-nuisance stars like Bentley!  Thanks for the shout out bro!

  1. HuPhlungPu
    June 8, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    even diabolical people understand the power of poop.

  2. June 9, 2011 at 1:59 am

    Indeed Hu Phlung Pu, indeed they do. That very logic puts into question whether any of us on the HSSS team might be diabolical as well.

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