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Summer Special – Swimming Pool Farts Might Kill You

Careful – Don’t Breath This In

Make sure you read my first post about fart bubbles here before continuing.

Everyone has ripped one in the swimming pool, hot tub, bathtub, etc.  This is a tradition for me and I can honestly attest to reast bombing at least once in every single pool I have ever been in.  Perhaps it’s the chlorine or some other chemical that causes my bowels to rumble but if I were a betting man I would wager on simply moving my lazy body as the culprit.  Regardless, there is an interesting phenomenon that occurs when you rip one in the pool that differs from a normal fart – and it just might kill you!

When you rip one in your swimsuit it eventually escapes from the waistband of your suit, travels up your slippery body and explodes right into your face.  It doesn’t dissipate into the water due to entropy.  We all understand this fact intuitively and from personal experience.  Here’s the interesting part.  Have you smelled a swimming pool fart?  If you have then you just may have cheated death.  This stuff smells like sickly death combined with rotting corpses.  This most putrid smell is a mixture of hydrogen sulfide, methane and chlorine gas wafting into your nostrils.  It blows normal farts out of the water (pun intended).

Little did I know that a boiling hot swimsuit fart rising through the water just may be attracting chlorine ions forming a trichloromethane gas commonly known as chloroform.  This stuff will knock you out cold and was even used as an anesthetic back in the day.  If the stench doesn’t kill you first, you just might get knocked out from one of these knoxious gas bombs resulting in your early demise via drowning.  Let the world be warned – farting in a pool just might kill you!

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