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What is Your Poo Trigger?

I enjoy a good BM now and again. Actually, about 4 a day. Sometimes 3, sometimes 5. It all depends on how many meals I’ve eaten that day. Because I know that within 10 minutes of finishing a meal, I will have to take a dump. If I miss my post-meal dump, things back up, cramping ensues and it could take a day or so to get back on schedule. I think this is a pretty normal poop trigger. My body knows it has to make room for the food currently being consumed so it sends a signal to the colon to get ready to drop a load. By the time I’m done eating, that load is packaged and ready to be dropped.

My wife on the other hand has a more unique poop trigger. Every time she enters the super store Fred Meyer, her bowels loosen and she has to visit the little girl’s room. Without fail. This doesn’t happen at any other store, grocery or department. Only at Freddy’s. I am currently baffled by this strange phenomenon. It must be a psychological trigger that has developed throughout her life. Kind of a Pavlov’s dog and bell type thing. Something about Fred Meyer has conditioned her body to think it needs to poo. Strange. She does have fond memories of frequenting the store as a child. Picking out back-to-school apparel, buying her first bra, eating at the F.G. Meyer deli. Perhaps it feels like home to her and the only other place outside of our bathroom that she feels completely comfortable taking a crap.

Whatever it is, I can always plan on her coming home a little late when she’s going to Fred Meyer to shop.

  1. July 7, 2011 at 1:37 am

    Unreal. Truly unreal. You know what makes me dump almost every time? Jogging. I can sit on the toilet for hours trying to squeeze one out before I go for a run. 10 steps into it…it drops like a teenagers testicles and I’m wishing I didn’t have to run squeezing my cheeks for 4 miles.

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