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Naughty Vacation Habits Lead to Poop Training

Ahhh, vacation!  Is there anything better?  Summer is the season for relaxation, exploration and some good-old-fashion partying.  But with any indulgence comes repercussions.  As a father, I am keenly aware that vacation wreaks havoc on my child’s sleeping schedule.  Nights spent trying to put him down in a pack-n-play usually result in fits at 1am and an eventual sleepover with him in between me and my wife.  We get up early, we stay up late, we play non-stop and skip naps.  It’s an indirect way of slappin’ the kid silly if you ask me.  But it is all in the name of vacation!

Well, like all good things, vacation comes to an end but the bad sleeping habits acquired by my son remain.  We usually spend the next 1-2 weeks trying to retrain him to go to bed at a normal hour, sleep all night IN HIS CRIB, and take naps.  One night after vacation I was taking a dump while my wife was working to dress our screaming child in his pajamas.  I became aware of something odd – I was taking a dump at 8pm?  What in the world?  My dumps are usually spot on schedule – 10am and maybe 3pm if I had eaten too much the day before.  Why was I sitting on the pot at 8pm spewing a sizable load?

It was then I realized that vacation wreaks havoc on adults too.  It completely befuddles our digestive system.  New foods, new quantities, eating late, holding it in on long car rides.  These things all carry with them repercussions that require poop training when we return.  My most recent vacation has left me with the powerful urge to crap right in the middle of my morning workout.  I try, and try, and TRY to dump it out before I go, but no amount of sitting there gets the job done.  The second my feet touch the treadmill it drops and I am left with a very uncomfortable 25 minute run.  But I can’t give in and go.  I have to poop train my colon into waiting to 10am for the beautiful release.  Only then will my mornings, and sanity, be made right.

  1. ThePapaSquat
    July 15, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    We are like little children – keep us on our regular schedule and we are happy and comply with most things. Change the schedule and all hell breaks loose!

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