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M. Night Got It Wrong…

Our 5 senses are pretty sweet. I don’t know which one I enjoy the most. Seeing and hearing are probably my top two followed closely by taste. I think most of us take our senses for granted, but today I’d like to discuss the forgotten 6th sense. I’m not talking about seeing dead people. I’m talking about a sense that is actually legit, but highly underrated. It’s our ability to sense whether what’s coming out of our butt is of a solid or of a gaseous state. I’m not sure what you call it but it’s amazing and I am eternally grateful for this 6th sense.

Think about it for a second. As poop or fart gas reaches the end of its long digestional journey and is knocking on the door, your colon is able to determine if it’s safe to push it out in your current location or if you need to run to the nearest water closet. Sometimes it’s a little delayed and you don’t sense gas or solid until you’re touching cloth, but it usually kicks in just in time to pucker up and save yourself from having to do the walk of shame to the nearest stall to wipe down you underwear.

The only defect in this 6th sense occurs when the object being expelled is neither solid nor gas, but rather liquid. Apparently there was a slight breakdown in the evolution of this sense, because the colon seems to confuse liquid with gas on occasion. And usually at very awkward occasions. But i guess 99% of the time is a pretty good success rate.

So the next time you raise a cheek off your chair to squeeze out an SBD and you colon starts screaming “Solid! Solid! Solid!” take a second on your way to the john to give thanks for this often forgotten, always under appreciated, magical 6th sense.

  1. July 25, 2011 at 4:04 pm

    I love all the ways we can tell people what’s going on “Pushing Cotton” “turtle Heading” etc. 🙂

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