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New Poo Learnings – Shigellia in da House! (er, Pool)

I live in one of those poshtastic luxury apartment condominiums that is teaming with young, rich and purposeless 20-somethings.  Every day when I come home for lunch I find a minimum of 25 of them laying out, surfing their smart phones and showing off their recent surgery.  You’d think that it would be quite the classy environment – one where you wouldn’t have to worry about contracting some poo-born disease.  But the signage around the pool indicates otherwise:

Do not enter pool with diarrhea?  Well, I think that should be obvious.  But it’s not (obviously) – especially in Northern Kentucky! Check out this recent story from the KY Post! I had no idea that there was a poo-born disease that when squeeged out into a pool could cause serious vomiting, nausea and diarrhea in return.  This fun disease is called Shigellia, and apparently its coming to a pool near you this summer.

But it makes sense.  Let’s say you have diarrhea, right?  Come on…play along with me here.  So you have diarrhea, but you are feeling well enough and some friends want to get in the pool.  As the warm chlorinated water swirls around your anus and rectum, you suddenly get that gooey sensation.  Is  it a fart?  Is it just excess water that has found its way inside you?  So you let it slide – literally.  Unknowingly, you have dumped a bit of poo in pool.  Your friend opens his mouth in the pool and sucks a bit of it down his throat.  Now he’s sick.  And you know what?  You’re the jerk for getting in the pool sick.

I think they need to make a more effective sign:  Welcome To Our —L, Notice There is No Poo In It – Please Keep It That Way.

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