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Finding Bathroom Balance In Your Marriage

My wife and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary.  We have enjoyed many years of marital bliss and found happiness in the comfort of really knowing your partner and building a life together.  Back when we were engaged I would never have guessed what a life with my wife would be like.  We did not live together prior to being married, so we did not have the chance to see each other’s routines, habits or customs.  One mysterious area was the bathroom. 

As mentioned previously, I am completely baffled by the bathroom and all the privacy and stigma and sensitivity that revolves around it.  While my wife and I would be sharing every aspect of our life together (from the most common to the most intimate), I was most concerned about the laws we would establish regarding the bathroom as a couple.  Several questions would arrive instantly after saying our vows:

Would we go to the bathroom in front of the other person?  If so, would it only be number one or number two as well?  Would my wife be disgusted if she saw me take a scorching dump?  Even more concerning, would she be afraid to rock logs in front of me for fear that I would be disgusted with her?  I had spoken with a few friends whose wives HAD NEVER GONE TO THE BATHROOM IN FRONT OF THEIR SPOUSE!!!  Other friends had wives who would not go to the bathroom if their spouse was even in the house!  What???  Would I be asked to refrain from using the bathroom in my own home if my wife was present?  Or would I just have to close the door?

I am proud to write that we quickly navigated the tumultuous waters of bathroom etiquette and established a situation that works for both of us – a life without bathroom barriers.  I can only hope that you all find the same peace and joy that comes from bowel freedom in your own marriages.

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