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If I Owned A Restaurant…

If I owned a restaurant, I would spend a lot of time and energy planning out the bathroom.  You would think that food, service or dining room decor should be the focus when defining the type of restaurant you want, wouldn’t you?  Well, you would be wrong.  Think about it:  how many expensive/popular restaurants have you been to that you have had poor service?  Many.  How many uber-popular restaurants have you been to that have terrible food?  Many.  How many packed restaurants have you been to have that have cheesy decor?  The answer again, is many.

But you have been to an expensive or nice restaurant that is super popular that has a disgusting bathroom?  Not too many.  In fact, the nicer the restaurant, the nicer the bathroom should be.  If I were to go to Nobu or Daniel in New York City, then I better be wiping my butt with gold tissue and washing my hands in champagne.  Have you ever been into a nice restaurant and gone to the bathroom, only to find it filled with cheep toilet paper that your fingers rip through and touch  your anus?  Or maybe dirty floors or just poor fixtures and trash disposal.  I instantly downgrade the quality of the restaurant and even if everything else was amazing, I figure it can’t be that great because their bathroom is gross.

Sure, Burger King and Taco Bell have the right to have grosser bathrooms – but you’ll notice that usually they don’t!  In fact, they work extra hard to keep a bright, clean and enjoyable bathroom environment for their patrons.  They clearly understand the power of good bathroom in customer satisfaction.  If you think about it, almost everyone hits the head at least once in a restaurant visit.  It is the one thing that a restaurant can’t control in terms of customer experience.  When I open up my first restaurant, I’m getting that part right.

  1. August 5, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    My husband has one rule in our house. No John Wayne toilet paper. I hate when my hand is more absorbent! I agree about the bathroom being uber important.

  2. August 9, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    My 8-year-old son has a fascination with restaurant bathrooms. Every time we dine out he uses the bathroom at least 3 times.. I never thought about asking him what he thought of the toilet paper.

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