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Why Did You Just Put Poo Particles In My Nose?

I have grown up with my brother repeating the same phrase over and over every time I farted in his presence:  “Why did you just put poo particles in my nose?”  I never really understood why my brother didn’t revel in farting and poo-talk like I did, but I never judged him for it either.  Some people just don’t find it funny or interesting to fart while others, like my father, never tired of it.  But one thing is for certain.  If someone farted in our house there would be an inevitable discussion about it which included some people disgusted and throwing judgements while others encouraged the behavior and turned it into a competition.  Farting is a great family activity that creates beautiful memories.
But what about in the office?  I have a cubicle neighbor who both burps and farts multiple times per day and LOUD.  I mean, she is relatively old…but not THAT old.  Not like 90-years-old can’t-control-my-bowels old.  Yesterday she rocked an insanely loud fart that rumbled my cell phone on my desk.  I felt the overwhelming urge to say something about it.  In my family I was a encourager and competitor when it came to farting.  I wanted to egg her on and even rock my own gaseous explosions to counter hers.  But could?  Should I?  Would I? 
The answer is no.  I could not, should not, would not.  It is an office setting and some level of professionalism was required.  While I was left sucking in her poo particles for the afternoon, I had no retort but to gently rock to the left and let some Silent But Deadlies slip out my anus into the air.  Little did she know that I was having my revenge.
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