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Groupon Finally Cleans Out My Butt

I’m kind of obsessed with Groupon. Not obsessed in the sense that I purchase every single Groupon that comes down the pike or only dine/visit/purchase things that I have a Groupon for, but obsessed in the sense that I think it’s just freakin’ awesome that some company is out there trying to hook me up. I love a good fat hook up. “Wait, what? You want to give me a 60% off coupon to a restaurant I have already wanted to try any way? Hells Yeah!” You see my enthusiasm? I think if you are not at least signed up for Groupon, you are kind of dumb. Why not just see if anything good comes your way? What harm is there? THERE ISN’T ANY! Saving money does not make you any less cool, hip or fresh. It just makes you smart…and awesome.

No I don’t work for Groupon, but I am oh so excited by the fact that they are finally using their prowess to attend to our butt needs. Take a look at today’s most recent Groupon in an area where a friend lives.

Colonic Irrigation for only $45??? AMAZING! Now, for only $45, I can have a hot tube shoved up my anus so it can spray gallons of steaming fluid into my colon and clean that baby out. I’m sure there are pounds and pounds of previous Groupons redeemed at restaurants now stuck up on that colon lining. In some ways I’ve always wanted to get a colon irrigation just to find out if it has an impact on the massive amount of farting I do…or at least the smell of said farts. I think my wife would agree that $45 is well worth the price to find that out. Thanks Groupon!

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