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My Bathroom Encounter With Larry Craig

Speaking of Idaho senators soliciting sex in airport bathrooms…….

I frequent a local health club in order to maintain my not-quite-obese-but-still-comfortably-husky physique. A certain former Idaho senator also frequents the same club. Our workouts incidentally coincide and I have had the pleasure to engage in small talk and light banter with him from time to time. Some of these conversational encounters may or may not have taken place while in the shower. Completely nude obviously. I tell you this because at no time have ever felt like Mr. Craig was “checking me out” or “sizing me up” or “trying to catch a peek at my penis.” And surprisingly I have never felt uncomfortable in these potentially awkward situations. That is, until last week.After my workout one day, I stripped down and headed to the shower room when I decided I should stop off at the urinal to drain the main vein. I had just cozied up when I noticed someone taking the urinal right next to mine. Curious, I glanced over to see who had taken the urinal next door to me when there was a perfectly good, vacant urinal two spots down. It was none other than my friend Larry. Stark naked. And his stance was uncomfortably wide. Despite the multiple interactions I had had with the former senator, I was overcome by stage fright and just stood there unable to accomplish what I had come there to do. Instead I just looked down, pretending everything was going swimmingly. He finished up and left without any obvious sign of solicitation.

I breathed a sigh of relief and headed off to the shower to wash his urine dew from my lower right leg.

  1. HuPhlungPu
    September 14, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    i heard that guy is a perv. and your story slightly corroborates.

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