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Poop Acid vs Acidic Poo – the Obvious Distinction

If I was professor of Poopology 101 at Shat University this forthcoming post would be a core lecture topic.  You see I find the distinction between pooping acid and an acidic poop to be rather obvious but through discussions with friends and family I have realized there is a lack of knowledge in society surrounding this important topic.  You think they are the same thing?  Oh how naive of you!  Allow me to share the cliff notes.

Pooping Acid:  You have polished off a nice and tasty Thai dish and overestimated your tolerance for hot a bit.  Nonetheless you are confidence that your insides can handle everything nicely.  However, after a couple of hours your insides are Dancing Like the Stars.  You feel the poo log that had previously existed in your bowels being liquified by the your churning intestines.  Soon the big moment comes and you explode liquid poo acid out of your anus.  The burn is intense but you are able to explode the liquid volume from you in an efficient and quick manner.  A quick extinguishing wipe knocks down the fire and soon you have recovered.

Acid Poop:  You’ve just eaten a spicy Mexican dish full of raging peppers and you nearly had to quench the mouth fire with ketchup and mustard ala Dumb and Dumber.  You are pleased with your dinner but are concerned about the after effects.  You see, the pepper and seeds are not just a spice but actually have some substance to them.  You shudder at the thought of solid pepper chunks and seeds being directly incorporated into a compacted poo log.  The big moment comes.  Fear envelopes your entire body as you realize the truth.  As you push, the solid acid poo smolders through your anus like a bubbling molten lava flow.  As your anus is stretched to give birth to this acidic log from hell, the poo squashes into every crack and crevice, chewing away the top layer of tissue with ease.  You wipe and wipe but the burning does not go away.  It is not until your body can actually re-grow the burnt nerve endings that your pain is finally over.

And you thought there was no difference?!  Enjoy this knowledge and share with a friend!

  1. September 27, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Finally, some clarity. However, chili is worthless if it doesn’t hurt as much going out as it does coming in.

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