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“All Before 10am” – A Poo Poem!

And now, a poem, entitled, “All Before 10 AM”

The subtle whisperings of my butthole
Urge me out of sweet slumber
My eyes still wet with sleep,
Begin to focus on the day
My feet search for the floor
And I make my dash to the porcelain throne

‘Tis there I experience a sweet release
Sphincter tightens, then relaxes
Splash, plop, sigh…
Wipe, wipe, wipe
I view the success of a night’s work

Happily, my butt rests back in bed
Smiling, eyes become heavy once more
Tummy rumbles and I know what’s in store
Shi* number 2! I gallop again to my porcelain friend

While I sit and push,
And see my “S” shaped dung
My heart knows it’s unfinished; incomplete

I flush
Wash my hands

Within moments I am sitting again

A grunt…
A push…
A squeal…

3 shi*s! And all, yes all, by 10 AM!

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