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The Power of Pregnancy Farts

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.  Despite all the sickness, inadequacy, bloating and discomfort a woman must feel during the time of complete craziness, I think they often misjudge the impact that pregnancy has on a man’s physical and emotional interest in her.  “I’m fat, bloated, and too tired to wear makeup – how could he love me as much as before?”  The answer is simple – you are carrying your mutual child and suffering greatly on the behalf of his happiness.  I must say that that fact alone had a great impact on me as a prospective father.  I found my wife to be extraordinarily beautiful during her pregnancy, despite the popping belly, morning sickness, and occasional emotional roller coasters.  There may have never been a time when I was more attracted to her as a woman (I’m not saying that because of resulting enlarged breasts – it wasn’t JUST that).
But there is one element of pregnancy that truly rocked my world.  That beast is the emergence of Pregnancy Farts (PF’s).  PF’s start quickly after conception and last throughout the entire nine months.  Whether or not a woman has stinky or frequent gas prior to pregnancy, it will only get worse.  Many claim that this is a result of a changing body or possibly a changing diet in response to the pregnancy.  I disagree.  In the same way that a woman might claim, “I’m eating for two” I claim that she is “farting for two.”  Yes, I believe that the little fetus is contributing fart power into the woman’s body, resulting in massive and noxious gas that is released into your home, bedroom and car.  No manner of medical evidence will convince me otherwise – I must have someone to blame this on other than just the woman.  Why not blame the unborn kid?
If you have experienced this crazy phenomenon, give me a shout out and tell your tales. 
  1. October 5, 2011 at 7:33 pm

    Wow, this is an awesome blog haha! I’m not a woman (or pregnant :|), but my wife is! She passes gas like no one’s business! But I see you are the same. Funny.

    • October 6, 2011 at 6:00 pm

      Haha, I think this is a very common event in the world of pregnancy flaynk. Come back and visit us often, follow us or like our facebook page!

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