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I’m Having Potty Training Deja Vu!

One of my first memories as a child is an experience I had while watching my father urinate.  Undoubtably, my parents were probably excited about the prospects of me no longer pissing myself in diapers and graduating to underroos.  Who wouldn’t?  The dollar savings and freedom from the hassle of changing several diapers a day is something to salivate over.  I imagine that in order to encourage my interest in being a big boy, they allowed me to observe using the potty up close.

As I watched the stream of urine fly from body to porcelain, I was overcome with the childish desire (I was a child, so this makes sense) to put my hand in the stream.  I am sure that I eyed it carefully, recognizing that this wasn’t merely water.  Should I? Could I? Would I? I DID!  Into the stream shot my hand, urine splashing everywhere on my body and my dad’s legs.  He screamed, I retracted my hand, and that was probably the end to my urination observation.

But now I am having potty training deja vu.  My child is extremely interested in going to the potty, but hesitant to try himself.  Each time one of us goes to the bathroom, he comes running in and says “I see it?”. Well, just like my parents we would love to potty train this kid, reasons already stated.  But as I was standing there urinating last night, I looked down and saw that glimmer in his eyes, that look of “Should I?”. I nearly pinched off the stream…but put my trust in him long enough to finish.  He happily flushed the toilet for me and we both left unscathed.

For now.  It’s only a matter of time before history repeats itself all over his hands and my legs…

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