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The Birds and the Beans – How to Talk to Kids About Farting

Everyone makes a fuss about talking to their children about sex.  I say POPPYCOCK!  Its easy! Just do what my dad did and take your son or daughter skiing and tell them all about it on the long ride up so that for the rest of the day they have to sit awkwardly on a chairlift trying not to imagine you, your pee pee and mom.  It worked well and certainly left me uninterested in sex for a healthy, long time.

But there is a much more important matter that your kids will face much earlier in life – farting.  Farting? Yes, farting.  While there are a few kids out there who will take pride in ripping phat ones in school in front of their friends and teachers, many will not.  In fact, many will feel shame and embarrassment.  THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN!  He Shat readers, we have to nip body and bowel shame in the bud where it starts…in our youth!

Can I recommend any of the following children’s books to help you breech this sensitive subject and get the conversation juices flowing?

Walter the Farting Dog by William Kotzwinkle (awesome last name)

Farley Farts by Birte Muller

The Gas We Pass by Shinta Cho

It All Began With a Bean by Katy Mcky

The inspired authors are here to help and recognized that anyone can tell a story that teaches kids to not lie.  But a story that inspires children to love and appreciate the air that flows from their butts?  That is art and inspiration.

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