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Happy Poopsgiving to All!

Thanksgiving is over and by now all the members of He Shat She Shat are trying desperately to defecate the mass quantities of food that went into their bodies over the weekend. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie, beans, jello salad, cranberry sauce…even brussels sprouts. It’s all in there as are the leftovers that were consumed in the following days.

I learned this weekend that Wednesday night is also the biggest pizza night in america…beating out the Super Bowl and any other big event by a long shot. So basically, this weekend is the biggest weekend in America for stuffing our fat faces with endless amounts of food.

All this consumption is followed by what I call Poopsgiving. Poopsgiving is a holiday in it’s own right. It is a few day period where we all take extended periods on the toilet to thank our lucky stars that our digestive track effing works…because if it didn’t we would be in a hot mess of trouble. It’s our Colons and other vitals that allow us to live such happy and enjoyable lives so we can celebrate with family and friends.

As you sit there crapping out pound after pound of weekend waste, take some time to reflect on Poopsgiving and what it means to you. Also, don’t forget to replace the roll of TP when it’s over. The rest of the household is waiting for their turn to celebrate Poopsgiving!

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