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The Downside of a Shared Office Space – My Butt.

It would seem that He Shat She Shat is having a pretty intense bout with constipation of content.  You see, its not for LACK of content – its that we sometimes find it difficult to find the time to crap it all out. Our lives get jam packed with waste, discomfort and pain – leading to a constipation of actual content being shatted out onto the site.  Our hope is to take some life Ex-lax soon and get things flowing regular again.
Speaking of life changes, I recently changed my work office environment to one of a large cubicle space world to sharing an office with two other individuals.  Now normally I would always prefer to share an office.  I actually get a window so I can see the real world all day while I work.  I have a door I can close when I have a conference call or need to make a personal call.  I don’t have to hear as many lame and mind numbing conversations from those around me.  It seems the perfect scenario – except one piece.  I have stank nasty gas about 74% of the day. 
Why is this a problem?  Consider the environment.  In a large sea of cubicles, there is more air and space for the poo particles and fart air to dissipate and spread out.  This means that it is harder to pinpoint who rocked the blow and also minimizes the stink overall.  Kind of a watered down Mountain Dew.  Less flavor.  But when you are sharing an office, you are dealing with enclosed spaces, dense and stagnant air, and silence.  The farts are easier to hear, so I have to really work to open my anus for soundless flow.  When they stink (again 74% of the time) they immediately rot and hang around my space and slowly rape the noses of those in my office.  Its obvious where it comes from.
At this point they haven’t made a point to call me out on it…but its only a matter of time.  I pray that I can limit the explosions to 3-4 times a day until I either get rejected back into the sea or get my own office.
Until then I got a stomach ache from holding it in.
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