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Yule Log

Having recently played Santa Clause for a group of children, I am blown away by children’s fascination with all things Santa Claus.  They love him.  They adore him.  They literally worship the ground he walks on.  One kid went, made me a special cookie, and then gave it to me.  What three-year old ever does that for anyone besides him or herself?  But if you are dressed up in a Santa Claus suit, hat and beard – you suddenly become a god.

But that’s not really what I’m here to talk about.  All that thinking about Santa got me thinking about my own fascination with Santa Claus as a child.  You see, I approached Santa with an entirely different approach that only foretells the eventual existence of this blog.  While other kids were asking how Santa was able to visit all the children in the world in one night, I asked how he used the bathroom?  Did he urinate on the roof, down our chimney or actually use our bathroom (to think that might cheeks could touch the same seat that Santa’s cheeks had recently touched?!?!).  While other kids listened for sleigh bells in the snow, I looked for signs of reindeer poop on our roof or lawn.  While some kids wanted a bike I wanted a fart machine or whoopee cushion for playing practical jokes.

But whether you are a normal kid or one with an unnatural obsession with the fecal world, Christmas is special.  Merry Christmas to all you grown up kids out there reading this blog…it shows you still have a bit of a childish heart and we applaud that.

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