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They Have a Soft Chair in the Women’s Bathroom???

Phenomenon to be discussed: Soft comfy chairs in the women’s bathroom. I first became aware of this strange reality at church. I overheard some young girls talking about sneaking into the women’s bathroom at church so they could take a nap on the sofa chair.

WHAT? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. For my 12-year-old brain it didn’t make any sense. What kind of injustice was this?? Why do they get a soft, comfy chair to lounge in that sacred realm and we did not? Trust me, I was outraged for years until I understood that it could be used for breast-feeding.

But just yesterday I learned they have them in the women’s bathroom at work! First of all, there are no babies at our work. In the off-chance you brought your baby, there are mother’s rooms (also the place for pumping). So what use does this chair have? Apparently people take naps on it. Naps. All those feeling of injustice and rage came back in a flood of emotion.

I started my petition for a sofa in the men’s bathroom…and a flat screen TV.

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