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Nudity at Work is Now Commonplace

THere is a different kind of bathroom that i spend a lot of time in these days. This extension to the normal bathroom is the gym locker room. Both a bathroom and a showering/changing facility, the locker room mimics your home in so many ways. But it differs in one key way: you aint alone in there. In fact, you can sometimes be surround by many people. There they are: showering, shatting, and changing all together.

So how does this altered environment change the way you behave? For me it obviously involves a deal less nudity. As I disrobe, I tend to have my gym clothes ready to put on quickly. As I walk to the shower, I am covered in a towel. This is not for shame, but out of respect for those around me. Who really wants an extensive view of my dong? I am particularly aware of my nudity knowing that I workout at my office and these are my coworkers. Sure, some butt shots and e occcasional genital viewing is to be expected.


But some people take this situation as an opportunity to live out their public nudity fantasies, over compensate for some personal inadequecy, or just further prove their lack of social awareness. You know the guy. He disrobes completely, then weighs himself naked, gets a towel, shaves, showers, etc completely naked. To make matters worse, he talks to you. Yes, he talks to you buck naked. Sometimes it’s about the weekend, sometimes work…jimmy in your face the whole time. You pretend that putting on your clothes is a task that requires all your concentration so you don’t have to look in his direction. Every time you see that individual in the hall, you see only one thing. His penis.

My understanding is that this phenomenon is found equally in the ladies locker room. Maybe our female readers can validate.

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