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I Found $20 In My Pocket!

Don’t you love when you find a $20 bill in your pocket?  It’s like a magical gift, completely unexpected.  Even though the money was already yours, you are filled with an increase in wealth.  The $20 instantly becomes play money.  What was once lost is now found, and you must celebrate!  There is nothing better than the unexpected gift during a normally mundane action (putting on your pants).
There is a relative equivalent of this in the men’s bathroom.  The other day I was at a restaurant with my wife.  It was a fantastic meal, great conversation, wonderful guacamole.  The immense need to urinate from the several glasses of water overcame my bladder and I excused myself into what seemed like an average bathroom.  But as I unzipped and looked down to ensure proper aim, I found my $20.  Okay, not $20 – but a urinal full of fresh ice!  I LOVE IT WHEN THERE IS ICE IN THE URINAL!  It turns a normally mundane experience of urinating into something fun and exciting.  You get to aim and try to melt as many cubes as possible.  You get to watch them dissolve and crumble under your penal prowess.  You can alternate between hard and soft streams to see the difference it makes upon impact.  It’s a blessing and a joy!
If you own a restaurant or bar, take this as a lesson learned on how to splendidly delight your  customers.  Fill that urinal with ice!
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