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I Am The Victim of Inequality – And I Love It!

Most of the time I am all about equality.  I am happy to proclaim equal opportunity rights for all races, sexes, religions, etc.  I got nothing against people who are different from me and I would prefer to be treated with respect and given the same chances as anyone else.  But there are some situations where I am the victim of inequality – and in one case I am more than happy to keep my mouth freakin shut.

I started to notice this inequality once I had a baby.  Picture this scenario:  you are out at the mall shopping with your wife and 6-month-old son.  Everything is going swimmingly.  That shirt you wanted was 50% off with an additional 5% coupon!  It is in that moment you sense wetness on your arm and realize your son has had a blowout.  A brownout.  A literal explosion of poohs ejaculated itself from his diaper onto your arm.

Your heart sinks.  It is your turn to change him.  Fate is against you…or is it?  As you find the public bathroom, you realize there is no baby changing facility in the men’s bathroom, only the woman’s.  You are the victim of inequality, and you have never been more grateful in your life.  It seems that women are speaking out because I am noticing more and more installed in men’s bathrooms.  But until the freedom bells of equality ring nationwide, I am going to relish in one less diaper I have to change.

  1. March 7, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    Keep enjoying your inequality…for as long as it lasts! We mothers don’t want to deny you dads from the pleasure of experiencing ALL that raising children has to offer.

    • March 8, 2012 at 4:23 pm

      I understand Coming East. Every time its my turn to change a diaper and there is no changing station, my wife considers forcing me to change him on the floor. For the betterment of society, they need to just get them in all bathrooms. Equality for everyone!

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