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My Bathroom Is Satan’s Sauna

Any bathroom above the temperature of 68 degrees is sick and wrong and I’m tired of dealing with it.  There is a bathroom that I often frequent that either has a broken thermostat or is literally Satan’s favorite spot to drop a deuce.  Why else would the temperature be a raging 80+ degrees?

Ultimately perhaps the biggest issue is the smell.  Sure, I might sweat like a dog while trying to work one out, perhaps nearly passing out from extreme exertion.  But I can deal with this.  The smell however is something incredible.  I don’t know why raging heat seems to super transport noxious fumes and chemicals directly to my nose for smelling pleasure.  Its not life threatening or anything like the swimming pool farts I have discussed on this blog but it makes me queasy in the stomach.  And its not fair.  The bathroom is supposed to be a sanctuary from work/school/church.  A spot where you can finally get a few minutes alone to think or text or whatever.

There is no way that a bathroom raging 80 degrees or more with super concentrated poo/butt/hot urine smells is a sanctuary.  It’s a hotbox from hell and not the kind that makes me super hungry for some tasty tasty chips!

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