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Having a Dog In the City is the Craps

I love dogs, but I will never own one until I have a proper yard for it.  Many people would agree with me on this, but for completely different reasons then my own.  The common argument for not owning a dog in the city is that its inhumane to keep them in a tight space and that they need to be free to roam around and run and be an animal.  I don’t really give a crap about that.  What I DO give a crap about is the fact that owning a dog in the city requires that I pick up its feces with my hands.  THAT is why I will never own a dog until I have a yard.

Seriously, what is more disgusting in today’s society then sitting there watching your dog take a dump and then reaching down with a plastic bag to pick it up?  Maybe cleaning up after a baby – but its a BABY for heaven’s sake.  A human child.  This is a dog.  It should be able to take a sweet dump in private (like the rest of us) and then have us clean it up with a shovel later when its hard and cold, not warm and squishy.  I have had to do this a few times and feeling that warmth against my palm as my fingers dig into the squishy sides is absolutely wrong, and I’m ashamed that so many of us humans are willing to do it three or more times a day.

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