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The Ultimate Job Interview Question

I hate job interviews – both interviewing and being interviewed.  While there is no perfect way of finding out whether a person is the right candidate for the job, I believe that spending 30-60 minutes with an individual and asking them questions where you can’t validate the validity of their answers is a waste.  Some people say that you can tell whether they are a good fit for the team.  Bullcrap.  Sure, if the person is a freak it might be obvious, but most people are on their best behavior in an interview.  Everyone is fun, smiley, a good listener, etc.  No, interviews are a joke.
Getting the right candidate for a job that involves customer service or customer relations is even more crucial because they have a direct impact on future sales/relationships by how they conduct themselves professionally.  
Now let’s transition.  Today I was in the bathroom.  I thought I was alone, but of course I didn’t check every single stall.  I had been holding in a massive fart all morning and I knew it would be unavoidably loud.  As I released it near the urinal, it squeaked out with a squealing shriek.  It was at that moment that I heard someone in the stall giggle in response.  I determined in that moment that there was a line in professionalism that is easy to draw.  EVERYONE thinks farts are funny – but as a stranger, you don’t laugh out loud at someone farting in the bathroom unless you have a lack of control and low professionalism. 
So here is the perfect test if you are interviewing for a client relations position.  Do the normal interviews, but then when the person needs to go to the bathroom, walk in and use a fart machine to drop one.  If he/she laughs – they are probably not the candidate for you.  Unless your clients are clowns.

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